Our Classes


Original Hot Yoga 90

The classic 26 & 2. Performed in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity; the optimum levels to detox your body and safely stretch your muscles minimizing injury. This therapeutic hot yoga class is designed to work the spine, organs, glands, muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your body. This class benefits all 5 systems of your body: respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous, digestive and musculoskeletal. The perfect class for all levels, beginner to advanced. After just a few classes, you will feel amazing, and many aches and pains will disappear. Be prepared to sweat and achieve Mind, Body, and Spirit wellness!

Inferno Hot Pilates (IHP)

High intensity, low impact interval training using Pilates principles. IHP creates long lean muscle mass and burns fat… and the results are super fast!! This full body workout helps build a strong core, improves circulation, increases flexibility, and a nice compliment to your yoga practice. The atmosphere is fun, the teachers are inspiring, and the music will keep you moving. Other variations of this class include, IHP with weights and IHP Express 45 minutes.

Smart 60

Get sweaty to the therapeutic benefits of the “Hot 90” in just 60 minutes! This is great for beginners to hot yoga and anyone suffering from back pain, anxiety, lack of sleep, and discomfort within the body.

Yoga Sculpt

Ready to torch calories and get drenched? YS is a unique combination of power yoga and strength training designed to create a full body workout. This 60-minute class combines weights, cardio, and yoga. Classes are upbeat, choreographed to music, and high energy - get ready for a heart pumping, blood flowing, sweat dripping good time!!

Vinyasa Yoga

Build physical and mental strength as you flow through a series of yoga poses, drawing on the breath as your inner source of power in this energizing class. Set to heart-pumping music in heat, the smooth uninterrupted flow ensures you keep on moving. It not only keeps your joints healthy, but also calms the mind and helps reduce stress.

Yin Yoga

The perfect Yin Yoga for your Hot Yoga practice or stressful lifestyle. Yin is a restorative class set to music in a non-heated, relaxing environment. The postures are held for 3-5 minutes. The long stretches help relieve stress, expand connective tissue, and restore the body’s physical and mental health. With a regular Yin practice, the fibers of connective tissue will grow and realign to allow for greater range of motion and joint flexibility in your body.


This class is creative - it has you moving in all sorts of different directions with plenty of options to play how you want to. Get out of your head and into your body with this funky freshness! This class is for all for all levels and class is unique week to week.


In this 75 minute hot 26&2 class, you'll follow a precise, recorded dialogue guiding you through each posture and allowing you to focus fully on your practice. Our experienced yogi, Kevin will be in the room to demonstrate each posture and provide visual cues to ensure you learn effectively.